The supplier shall deliver the product in a timely manner and in accordance with the specifications specified by the customer in the order. The consumer is entitled to a partial or full refund in accordance with Our Money Back Guarantee Policy should any of the company’s agreements be broken.
Interpretation of Our Terms:

“In the context of this website and its services:

When the terms “”Consumer,”” “”Customer,”” “”You,”” or “”Yours”” are used, they pertain to any individual engaging in actions such as submitting, bidding, placing an order, uploading information, or making payments on this platform.
The “”Messaging System”” refers to the software ensuring continuous communication between the Customer and the Writer, or with the Support Team.
An “”Order”” denotes the written request submitted electronically via our website by the Consumer. This encompasses the complete task along with the Consumer’s requirements.
“”Order Status”” provides information on the progress of the Order and its current stage of completion.
The “”Writing Service”” is provided by the Company and its Experts within defined time frames and in accordance with strict Customer requirements. This service covers all Order Statuses. “”Delivering Writing Service”” involves generating, composing, or creating, either wholly or partially, a sample of a completed academic assignment, including but not limited to term papers, theses, dissertations, essays, reports, or other written, visual, artistic, and other assignments, for a fee.
The “”Product”” is the outcome of the delivered Writing Service, presented as original content crafted and provided to the Customer based on their request, in digital format. The Product serves as a sample of a completed academic task intended solely for research purposes. It aids the Customer in learning and comprehending specific subject matters. The Product is not intended for submission to any educational institution for academic credit or fulfillment of academic requirements.
A “”Product Revision”” is a Customer’s request for edits to the final version of the Product, aligned with the initial Order requirements.
The “”Quality Assurance Department”” is the segment of the Company responsible for evaluating and upholding the quality of Our Products and Writing Services. They address disputed claims impartially and equitably.
The “”Support Team”” or “”Support”” pertains to the Company’s division responsible for coordinating and aiding with Orders and Writing Services.
An “”Expert”” is an individual contracted by the Company as a freelance provider of Writing Services to Customers, in accordance with the Company Agreement.
“”Balance”” denotes the Customer’s personal account within the Company, storing Credits. Funds can be added voluntarily to this balance and subsequently used to offset Order costs at the Customer’s discretion.
The “”Affiliate Program”” is a specific initiative aimed at rewarding established Customers of the Company. Its objective is to offer Credits to loyal Clients, added to their Personal Balance, for referring new Clients to the website. Commission rates (rewards) are set by the Company and are subject to change at the Company’s discretion.”
Order Placing and Registration

“To initiate an Order, you are required to complete the Order form accessible within the Application. The provision of Writing Service occurs solely through this specified request process. The Order form will precisely outline the work’s extent, Order particulars, and delivery stipulations. It is incumbent upon you to furnish accurate, comprehensive, and conclusive information within each segment of the standard Order form when completing it.

During registration, you will need to provide your email and establish a password, or you can opt to sign in via Facebook or Gmail. If any difficulties arise during the account creation process, kindly reach out to our Support Team. Furthermore, if any changes occur in your contact details, it is your responsibility to update your profile or notify Support of such modifications.

In the event that multiple accounts are detected, they will be consolidated with your original account established during your initial purchase.”
Order Payment and Discounts

“Upon placing an Order, you are entering an agreement to remunerate the Company for the provision of Writing Service. The Company initiates Order processing once payment for the Writing Service is authorized and received. In certain situations, the Company might request the Client to furnish an image of the credit card used for payment, with the cardholder’s name and the last four card digits visible.

The payment for the Product is determined in accordance with the Company’s Pricing, as outlined in the Order form. This payment is made in advance, following the delineation of the project’s scope. The Company assumes no responsibility for Product delivery until full and authorized payment is received. Payments can also be made using Credits from your Personal Balance.

The Company retains the right to extend discount and bonus programs to Customers at its discretion, utilizing provided discount codes in the Order form. If the code is omitted, the Company will not apply the discount to that particular order. Fair and equal access to discount and bonus program information is assured to all Customers.

Following assessment of your Order, the Company may request additional payment or time for completion, as the work volume needed to meet your requirements can only be accurately assessed through manual review. The final price is determined by the Expert post-review. You may then decide to accept the new parameters or decline collaboration. Should you opt to discontinue, a refund will adhere to the Money Back Guarantee Policy.

For Order placement and Product acquisition, only Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx can be used to replenish your Personal Balance. In cases of reimbursement, you can follow the Money Back Guarantee Policy or transfer the funds to your Personal Account.

As our operations are US-based, payments are exclusively accepted in USD. If payment is made in a different currency, your bank will perform the necessary conversion based on the transaction’s exchange rate.

Resource Submission Deadlines:

Orders due within 12-24 hours require resources within 30 minutes.
Orders due within 24-72 hours necessitate resources within 1 hour.
Orders with a 72+ hour deadline mandate resources a day in advance.
Failure to meet the above resource submission deadlines may entail additional payment and time requirements for order completion.

Communication: Utilize the Messaging System or directly contact the Expert or Support Team to enhance communication.

Progress Tracking: Track Order progress through your personal account, or contact 24/7 available Support for updates.

Preferred Writer Option: You can indicate a Preferred Expert by name or ID on the order form. However, a 100% guarantee of their availability cannot be provided. The Company reserves the right to assign the best available Expert if needed, with the cost of the Preferred Expert Option refunded to your Credit Balance.”
Order Delivery

“The Company assumes responsibility for delivering the Writing Service within the timeframe specified in the Order. Ensuring the availability of appropriate delivery channels post Writing Service completion is the Customer’s personal responsibility. The Company will not be held accountable for errors in email addresses provided by the Customer, issues arising from spam filters, Internet interruptions, or neglect by the Customer to provide functional communication channels and contact information. For aid with Order Delivery, Customers are encouraged to reach out to Support.

Following the Company’s provision of the Writing Service, it becomes the Customer’s responsibility to promptly download the Product. All Orders are transmitted through our in-app service under the “”Completed Orders”” tab. Upon delivery, a notification will be sent to the Customer’s in-app interface, along with an email notification containing a download link sent to the registered email address. Should no revision be requested within eight days past the deadline, the funds will be automatically released as a measure to safeguard our Experts.

It is crucial to thoroughly review each Order prior to submission. Once the agreed-upon payment is received in full by the Expert, the Product is considered complete, and no refunds will be issued.”
Order Revision

“The Company extends complimentary revisions to the Customer in order to uphold the quality of the provided Product and ensure the Customer’s complete contentment. To avail a free revision of the Product, the Customer needs to submit a written revision request using the Messaging System or the Company’s email. This request should be made within fourteen (14) calendar days after the Order’s delivery date, except in cases of more substantial assignments like dissertations, theses, research proposals, thesis proposals, or dissertation chapters writing, where the time frame extends to thirty (30) calendar days after the Order’s delivery date. Should the Revision deadline elapse, the Customer has the option to request a paid revision or place an Editing Order. At times, the Quality Assurance Department may, at their discretion, allow free Order revisions after the deadline.

The Quality Assurance Department retains the authority to decline a Revision request if the provided instructions contravene the initial Order instructions. In such instances, the Customer might be required to pay an additional fee for the requested changes or opt for an Editing Order. The Quality Assurance Department also reserves the right to reject or limit multiple revision requests if the Customer’s actions reveal undue exploitation of the Expert or involve unreasonable demands.

If the request adheres to the stipulated criteria outlined in these Terms and Conditions, our Company will proceed to revise the delivered Product without any associated charges.”

The Use of Products

“When you make a payment for an Order, you acknowledge that it’s intended for personal and non-commercial use. The payment reflects the time, effort, research, and writing involved in addressing your specific Order, along with the administrative and logistical efforts required for the delivery of the Writing Service.

It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, distribute, or publicly display the delivered Product, whether on the internet or as a physical copy, beyond reasonable limits required for personal use.

Experts who collaborate with our Company transfer ownership of the delivered Products to the Company, allowing us to retain full copyright over the provided Products. These Products are offered primarily as research examples, references for learning purposes, or samples illustrating academic writing techniques. The Company maintains all Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright for these Products.

It’s essential to recognize that these Products are not intended for direct submission, or substantial incorporation, under your name to educational institutions for the fulfillment of degree, diploma, certificate, or coursework requirements.

In the event that you use a Product within your own written work, proper citation is imperative to attribute its usage appropriately.”

Company’s Responsibility

“The Company maintains a zero-tolerance stance against plagiarism, academic dishonesty, and fraudulent activities. We hold no responsibility in cases of unethical or illegal utilization of Our Products and Website content. We strictly adhere to all Copyright laws, and any violation of this is solely the Customer’s liability should they breach Our Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer for External Links on While this Website may contain links to other websites, we neither endorse, validate, nor assure the compliance of linked content with the Terms and Conditions of Thus, we do not claim ownership, responsibility, or control over the content of these external links. Engaging with these links is undertaken at your own risk, based on the user agreement you submit along with your order form.

Security and Privacy: For comprehensive insights into Our Company’s practices and policies concerning the collection, storage, and utilization of Client and online guests’ information, you can consult our Privacy Statement available on this website. To gain a deeper understanding of how we safeguard your personal information during your website usage, please refer to the Privacy Policy web page. While the Company reserves the right to communicate with customers via email about new services, discounts, special offers, or other pertinent information, it is of utmost importance to underscore our profound respect for customer privacy. We do not share personal or billing information with third parties, and all transactions are securely processed through an online payment system. However, it should be noted that the Company cannot be held liable for the unauthorized disclosure of information beyond our control or consent. If you have shared personal information on our website or on the Internet, the Company cannot be held accountable for any further use of that information by Experts or third parties. Should any queries arise regarding privacy or security matters, customers are encouraged to refer to our Privacy Policy.”


“Upon submitting Your Order or Payment, You hereby affirm and acknowledge the following points and statements:

Our Writing Services and Products, designed for and by Consumers, are strictly intended for research, reference, or learning purposes, providing guidance on how to correctly structure an academic paper within specific referencing styles (such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.). Any information or ideas drawn from these provided written materials must be appropriately cited when referenced in the future.

All Consumers agree that compensation is required for all Writing Services rendered on this Website. This Payment covers the time and effort invested in collecting, organizing, correcting, editing, and delivering the Product to the Consumer upon completion. Furthermore, this Payment contributes to the ongoing maintenance of the Website for educational use by Consumers.

Except for a reasonable number of printed copies for personal and educational utilization, the distribution, publication, transmission, modification, display, or creation of derivative works based on the final Product delivered by the Company is prohibited without prior written consent from the Company. Any Products generated by our freelance Experts automatically transfer authorship rights and ownership to the Company and/or its Partners.

As a Consumer, You agree to discard all delivered Products from the Company after their purpose for research or reference in your paper has been fulfilled. Replicating or redistributing these works for any purpose is strictly prohibited without appropriate consent or citation.

By placing Your Order, You consent to receiving promotional information including specials, contests, and discounts from the Company. You can manage your subscription preferences directly in Your profile.

Our Company provides no express or implied warranties regarding Our Website or its content. This includes, but is not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and any other implied guarantee or warranty arising from performance or trade.

Furthermore, the Company does not guarantee a flawless operation. We disclaim responsibility for any consequences stemming from errors on Our Website. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy, usefulness, or completeness of any opinion, information, advice, or other content related to the Writing Service or available on this website. Professional guidance is recommended before utilizing any Writing Services on Our Website.”

Limitation of liability

“By accepting all the above-presented Terms and Conditions, you recognize and affirm that you will not hold other Consumers, the Company, its employees, shareholders, agents, officers, directors, representatives, promotion affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, fulfillment agencies, or any third-party providers, information/data sources, and legal advisors accountable for any and all losses, damages, rights, actions, or claims arising from or associated with Our Company. These encompass, but are not restricted to:

Telephone, hardware, software, electronic, Internet, email, network, computer malfunctions, difficulties, or failures of any kind.
Unclear, unsuccessful, delayed, or incomplete computer communications and transmissions.
Conditions beyond the Company’s control causing Order or Product delays, disruptions, or corruption.
Injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising from the use of Our Services.
Typographical errors or printing inaccuracies in materials linked to Our services.
Additionally, you agree not to hold Our Company and its affiliates liable for any third-party claims, demands, suits, including attorney’s fees, arising from or linked to the use of Our Services, breach or violation of these Terms and Conditions, infringement upon the rights of third parties, or any personal act of omission on your part.

Under no circumstances will the Company be held accountable for direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from or related to the use of this Website and the information provided on it. Please note that certain states and jurisdictions may not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the aforementioned limitation may not apply to you.

Termination: We reserve the right to terminate your access to Our Services, even if you have fully paid, if the information provided during registration or subsequently modified is false, misleading, concealing, omitting relevant details, or if you fail to cooperate during the ordering process. We may also terminate your access if we suspect fraudulent transactions or if you engage in any activity that seeks to undermine or harm server or its Customers. This includes activities like spamming, transmitting malware, viruses, Trojan horses, or linking to sites and files containing or distributing them. We retain the right to terminate your account and forfeit any fees paid without prior notice if you breach the terms of this Agreement. The Company holds sole authority to determine what constitutes a violation of the Agreement.

Amendments: You, the consumer, acknowledge and accept that the Company may unilaterally alter these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that all Consumers on Our website periodically review these Terms and Conditions to stay informed of any updates.