“We (the “”Company,”” “”we,”” “”us,”” or “”our””) runs dissertation-writers.com (the “”Website,”” the “”Service””).
The information that comes from your use of our Service is collected, protected, and disclosed in accordance with our Privacy Policy (the “”Policy””).
You consent to the collection and use of information in line with this Policy by using the Service.”
“We may occasionally alter this Policy to reflect modifications to applicable laws, rules, operational needs, business procedures, and other reasons. For updates, please periodically review this policy. You should stop communicating with us if any of the changes are unsatisfactory to you. We will let you know about any changes to this Policy as necessary and as required by relevant law.

Privacy policy

“We respectfully urge that you carefully study our Privacy Policy before granting your approval for the usage of your personal information or sharing any personal details through any form on our website. This will guarantee that you fully comprehend the terms and conditions of our partnership.

This Privacy Statement applies to how you use the Services in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Statement explains how and why we process the personal data of people who use the Website, how it is used, and under what circumstances it might be shared with others. It also explains your rights in relation to your personal data and the security measures we take.

Interpretation of the terms

“The term “”personal data”” pertains to any information related to you that can be utilized to identify you as an individual, either on its own or when combined with other data.

The term “”Processing of the personal data”” encompasses all actions carried out with your personal information, whether by computer systems or not. This involves activities such as collection, recording, organization, storage, modification, retrieval, utilization, transmission sharing, distribution, accessibility in any form, alignment, combination, limitation, deletion, or destruction of the data.

A “”data subject”” signifies a specific individual whose personal information is being managed by the entity or organization responsible for its processing. Within this context, it denotes you, as a customer of the website.

The phrase “”consent of the data subject/user”” denotes the voluntary, explicit, and well-informed agreement provided by the data subject/user, demonstrating their readiness and authorization for the handling of their personal information. This agreement can be conveyed through a statement or by actively expressing their approval.”


“Upon visiting the Website, we collect data concerning your interactions on the platform and utilize cookies on your device to monitor your activities. You retain the option to decline the use of cookies, excluding those essential for the proper functioning of the Website.

In the event that you become a registered customer, we may amass and employ cookie identifiers along with the details you provide during registration, encompassing your first and last name, email address, phone number, and potential social media identification (if linked via Facebook or Google). Moreover, we may also record your time zone, IP address, and the category of device you are utilizing.

For Experts, we may additionally gather and manage supplementary data, such as your zip code, gender, year of birth, city of residence, and educational background.

Your personal information is processed solely when a legal basis for such processing is present.”

Data we collect

“The Company exclusively collects and utilizes specific information from you for the purposes outlined below:

Customer Account

The Company gathers and processes personal information furnished by you during the registration process and subsequent account adjustments.

Upon your initial visit to the Website, it is imperative to agree to our Terms and Conditions, as well as pertinent policies such as the Privacy Policy and Refund Policy, during registration. Furthermore, you must grant consent for the Company’s handling of your personal data. To confirm this consent, please click the “”ACCEPT”” button below. If you choose not to grant consent, please click “”REJECT.”” It’s important to note that rejecting consent will restrict your access to the Website.

Registration requires your email address and password, with additional optional fields for your first name, last name, phone number, date of birth, and social media links. You have the flexibility to enrich your account with additional information as desired. However, there is no obligation to provide any details beyond those necessary for registration.

Please note that Experts cannot be held liable for any consequences arising from the disclosure of your personal information.

Expert Account

The Company gathers and processes personal information provided by Experts during the Website’s registration process. Experts are required to submit their email, password, passport information (including a scanned copy), CV, educational documents, payment information, and occasionally their billing address.

Order Details

All data provided on the order form, as well as information exchanged with Experts through the Messaging System and assignment instructions, are collected and processed by the Company.

Information Sharing

We collect personal data you voluntarily provide on the Website, including surveys or feedback. This also extends to communication with our customer support team for assistance or issue resolution.

Any content, messages, or information you post on our Website, including personally identifiable details, are accessible by both the Website and Experts. Certain content related to services provided by Experts cannot be deleted due to its relevance.

Your consent to data retention enables us to resolve disputes, assist customers, and address issues as per legal regulations.

Use of Services, Cookies, and Similar Technologies

When utilizing our Services, your online activities are observed and assessed. We collect details such as IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser, mobile carrier, and location (based on phone settings) to enhance our service quality and conduct market research. Cookies help us understand your preferences for future visits.

You can receive browser notifications for cookie files and disable them through your browser settings. However, note that this may impact certain website features. You can still place orders regardless of cookie settings.

Billing Information

For services requiring payment, personal payment details are necessary. However, we don’t store payment card information; it’s securely handled by external payment providers. We retain specific data for tax and financial reporting purposes, including the Customer’s name, last four card digits, transaction number, and occasionally phone number.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data processing requires explicit consent.

Social Network Pages

We manage official social network pages, like Facebook. Engaging with these pages allows us to evaluate effectiveness and conduct legitimate social media analysis.

Tax Form Documents

Certain tax documents may require your personal information to comply with relevant laws. This involves details like full name, nationality, addresses, date of birth, and tax identification numbers.”

Purposes of data collecting
“We reserve the right to utilize the personal information you provide us willingly for the specific purposes outlined below. Our aim is to optimize your website experience and deliver exceptional services in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Provision of Services

To facilitate your use of our Services and fulfill our obligations as outlined in the Terms and Conditions, we collect and process your personal information. This information aids experts in locating your account or profile to offer you the Services. It’s crucial to understand that failing to provide this necessary information as per our Terms and Conditions will restrict our ability to provide full website functionality and connect you with experts.

Payment Services

To access our Services, submitting payment and billing details like credit card information is required. Our third-party payment providers collect and process this data, ensuring its security through encryption and other protective measures. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information.
We depend on third-party payment providers to manage online payments via an account, ensuring secure transactions through encryption. Your payment details are not stored on our servers.
We may utilize information from third-party service providers regarding your payment card transaction to verify transactions and determine eligibility for promotional offers. This may include purchase details and the last four digits of your card number to cross-check with our records.


We may contact you through email and other methods, including public notifications, for matters related to our Services. This includes welcome letters, security and legal notices, announcements, website updates, reminders, suggestions, and facilitating communication between you and experts. We may also use your data to collect feedback and engage in research to improve the user experience.

Marketing and Promotion

We may use your personal data for marketing analysis, customization, and improvement, unless explicit consent is required. You might receive promotional emails and exclusive deals, unless specific consent is necessary. However, you can opt out of marketing messages by following instructions in emails or adjusting settings.

Analytics and Development

To enhance the Website, identify key aspects of our Services, and for analytics, we assess personal information you provide. This includes registration details, web traffic, cookies, and usage data like visit date, duration, location, device used, and other relevant information. Analytics help understand customer interaction, satisfaction, and improve overall experience.


Data, including communications, may be used to resolve disputes, monitor activities, address complaints, and handle support requests.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

We process payment details to fulfill financial obligations. We may use data to meet legal requests and protect our legal rights.

Fraud Prevention

We monitor account activity, payment details, and interactions to prevent fraud and provide support.


If we change the reasons for using your personal data, we’ll notify you before employing it for new purposes. You’ll need to consent to updated purposes, unless they align with existing ones. Failure to provide requested personal information may limit access to certain features.

Archival Purposes

We may store information for legal purposes, like evidence in lawsuits or disputes.

Responding to Contact

Contact initiated by you provides us with necessary information to reply.

Ensuring a Secure Environment

We evaluate data to strengthen security measures and combat improper conduct, spam, or fraud to maintain a secure environment.

Aggregate/De-Identify/Anonymize Data

We may aggregate, de-identify, or anonymize information collected for research or marketing purposes, sharing it as needed.”

What are the legal grounds for the processing of data?

“As mentioned earlier, the utilization of personal information varies depending on your interactions with our website and services. We may employ one or multiple legal bases to process your personal data, contingent on the circumstance:

– Processing based on your consent.
– Processing necessary for the provision of Services in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
– Processing required for our legitimate interests.

These interests encompass:

– Complying with financial and accounting regulations.
– Evaluating business efficiency through website traffic and financial performance analysis.
– Promoting the website through social media, media outlets, partnerships with influencers, and bloggers.
– Preventing fraudulent activities and protecting personal data.
– Verifying experts.

When necessary, adhering to applicable laws (e.g., fulfilling data subject requests).
In exceptional cases, ensuring vital interests or public tasks related to general welfare or exercising official authority.

Before processing your personal data based on a specific legal ground, we will notify you of the relied-upon legal basis and provide essential information. This applies across all instances, unless it’s infeasible due to obligations under relevant laws.”

Who does the company share your personal data with?

“The Company takes measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information and does not disclose it to external entities for commercial purposes. However, in order to operate our Website and provide the Services or Products you purchase online, we collaborate with specific third parties. It’s important to note that this collaboration only takes place if these parties commit to upholding the confidentiality of our customers’ and visitors’ information. For instance, we may share your personal data with the following entities:

We engage subcontractors to assist in managing personal information. These subcontractors may include hosting service providers, IT experts, technical support personnel responsible for our systems, service providers ensuring our website’s functionality, claims adjusters (including insurers), advertising and marketing firms, accounting and bookkeeping firms, and legal advisors. All subcontractors are contractually bound to handle data according to our instructions and terms.

Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, and Intermediaries
These are individuals or organizations involved in promoting products or services through diverse marketing channels. They may use data from cookies or other online identifiers (including personal information) to select which advertisements to display to you on our website.

Payment Intermediaries
When you make payments for our Services, your payment information will be shared with the companies that manage our payments.

Legal Compliance and Protection
We may share your information if legally required or if we have a reasonable belief that such disclosure is permitted by this Privacy Policy or is reasonably necessary for the following reasons:

To adhere to legal processes.
To enforce compliance with this Privacy Policy or other agreements with you, including investigating potential breaches or violations.
To address claims of third-party rights infringement due to our website’s content.
To handle customer service inquiries.
To safeguard the Company, our agents, associates, and the public, we may share information with other entities to prevent fraud, spam, malware, or similar activities that could endanger rights, property, or personal safety.
By selecting the appropriate checkbox while providing your personal information, you give your consent for the transfer and processing of your data for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.”

For how long does the company store your personal data

“The duration for which we retain your personal information depends on the purpose for which it is used.

For Service Execution:
We will store your data as long as you maintain an account on our website. If you opt to deactivate your account or if we are compelled to do so due to your violation of our terms of service or legal requirements, we will either delete or anonymize your personal data. However, some data may need to be retained for a longer duration to meet legal, tax, and accounting obligations. For instance, we might retain data until the expiry of legal timeframes for potential contractual claims or tax responsibilities related to your service purchase. Our aim is to minimize retained data and keep it only as long as necessary.

Based on Legitimate Interest (Ours or Third Party):
We keep data until you raise an objection or until we determine it is no longer required, or its intended purpose is achieved.

As Mandated by Law:
We adhere to applicable laws when determining data retention timeframes.

With Your Consent:
Data will be retained until you withdraw your consent or until the purpose for collecting the data is fulfilled.”

Your personal data that the company processes grants you certain rights as a data subject.

“Your Rights and Privacy Options

Right to Confirmation:
You can request confirmation from the Company to determine if your personal information is being processed.

Right to Access:
You have the ability to access and obtain the personal information that the Company has processed about you.

Right to Rectification:
You can request the Company to complete any incomplete personal data.

Right to Erasure (Right to Be Forgotten):
You have the right to request the removal of your personal information from the Company’s records. The Company will generally comply with this request, unless legal obligations require data retention. To achieve this, you can delete your account entirely.

Right to Restriction of Processing:
You can request the Company to limit the processing of your personal information, if there are discrepancies or if you want to retain the data for legal purposes.

Right to Data Portability:
You can transfer your personal information from one controller to another, if technically feasible and without infringing on the rights of others.

Right to Object:
You can object to the processing of your personal information for various reasons, such as legitimate interests or direct marketing.

Right to Withdraw Consent:
You have the right to revoke your consent at any time.

Right to Copy of Personal Information:
You can request a duplicate of the personal information stored in your registered account.

Right to Rectify Information:
If you believe any provided information is incorrect, outdated, or incomplete, you can request its correction.

California Residents:
For residents of California, additional rights are provided under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). You can request information about the types of personal data collected and shared, sources, reasons for collection, and disclosure of your personal information to third parties for business purposes.

Exercising CCPA Rights:
You can request specific information about your personal data, its sources, reasons for collection, and disclosure to third parties. Certain data may not be subject to removal due to service requirements.

Verification of Identity:
We may request verification of your identity before responding to your request, using methods appropriate for the request type.

Shine the Light Disclosure:
The California “”””Shine the Light”””” law allows you to ask for information about how your personal information is shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Please note that some rights may be subject to exceptions and limitations as required by law. If you believe your rights are being violated or have concerns about your data, you can contact us using the information provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.”

Other privacy commitments
“Cross-Border Data Transfers

We process your personal data both within and outside the United States. While data processing laws may vary in different countries, we ensure strict privacy compliance across all operations.

Response Time
The Company commits to providing a response to your rights-related requests as mentioned above within one month from the date of receiving the request. In complex cases or high request volumes, this period may extend by two more months. We will notify you of such an extension within the initial month, along with the reasons for the delay.

Data Security
To ensure data security, the Company employs technical and organizational measures that protect information against unauthorized processing, loss, destruction, or damage.

Access for Support
In rare instances, our support specialists may need to access your account for customer assistance purposes. We will always seek your permission before accessing your account for troubleshooting. However, declining access might impact the quality and speed of support provision.

Children’s Privacy
We are committed to protecting children’s privacy. Our Services are not intended for users under 16 years old, unless they have explicit permission from a parent or legal guardian. If you are under 16, you must obtain parental consent before providing any personal data. We may process data of children under 16 with parental or legal guardian consent solely for the purpose of providing our Services.

Breach Notifications
If a breach involving your personal data occurs, we will promptly inform you and relevant data protection authorities if the breach poses a high risk to your rights. Our priority is to minimize risks associated with such incidents.

“”Do Not Track”” Requests
Our Services do not share personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes, and we do not support “”Do Not Track”” requests.”

Providing data is voluntary

“You have no duty to provide any personal data to the Company; doing so is purely voluntary. However, in order to register for an account and use our website, you must provide personal information. You won’t be able to utilize all of the features on our website if you don’t give the Company your personal information.

Updating this policy

“We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy periodically. Changes and updates will be published on our Website, and significant modifications will be communicated to you via email or our Website.
Revised versions of this Privacy Policy will take effect upon being posted. By continuing to use our Website, you acknowledge that you have read and comprehended the most recent version of this Privacy Policy.”

Contact us

“If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy, our data handling practices, or our adherence to relevant regulations, please feel free to get in touch with us through any of the following methods:
You can reach us at 1 404-228-1031 or via email at [email protected]